Black Panther Party

The Black Panther party burst upon our consciousness when Bobby Seale and other Panthers marched upon the California State Capitol in Sacramento—armed with guns. This approach electrified a generation of black youth. But the Panthers did not encourage hatred. Their “black pride” was not based on denigrating whites, but on showing the black community that they were in control of their own destiny. The Black Panther Party sought to build a community through service to the people, providing free food and clothing. They gave purpose to the aimless, angry youth who loitered on street corners. The Panthers molded these young people into disciplined, hard workers who served their community and showed respect for mothers, fathers, and elders.

Bobby Seale and I have co-authored a new Panther book: Power to the People to be published by Abrams in October, 2016. Limited Edition and Vintage Prints available at the Steven Kasher Gallery.

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